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101 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

101 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

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This is the little book with big ideas that needs to be in the hands of every employee if you’re serious about building loyalty. 

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68% of customers leave because of an attitude of indifference by a single employee.

Customer service is the responsibility of every employee within an organization. It is earned by building positive relationships, one customer, and co-worker at a time. It is far more cost-effective to build loyalty with existing customers than to keep replacing them.  That is why loyalty-focused companies consistently outperform their competition.

This booklet is loaded with 32 pages of quick, thought-provoking tips and quotes to inspire your employees to own their attitudes and focus on building loyalty with their co-workers and customers. 

Here are 5 tips from the booklet:

Relationship Builders
When customers see that you are willing to admit to a mistake, they are more likely to accept responsibility for their actions.

Start each day with a clean slate.  Do not carry around past negative experiences that you have had with customers or co-workers.

Employees & Co-workers
When you make a promise to a co-worker—keep it!

Eliminate the words "Can't" "Won't" and "Don't" from your vocabulary. Instead, focus on what you can and will do for your co-workers and customers.

Lifetime Value
Your customer is the reason you are at work…not an interruption in your work.

You will find 96 more tips plus much more in 101 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty.

Here are 7 ways to promote YOUR business with this booklet:

  1. Give one to each of your employees to provide them with tools and reminders for building positive relationships.
  2. Leave it as a thank you after a sales appointment.
  3. Mail it to your prospect list to keep in touch!
  4. Include it with your holiday greetings to thank your customers for their business.
  5. Package it as an added value with a product you sell.
  6. Distribute it at trade shows.
  7. Send copies to people who refer business to you.

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