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Building Customer Loyalty from the Inside Out

Building Customer Loyalty from the Inside Out

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How loyal are your customers?
Will they stay with you through challenging times--or switch in an instant?


Organizations cannot survive unless they can keep their customers. No matter what your job title, building customer loyalty is your responsibility. It is earned by building positive relationships one customer and one co-worker at a time.

Building Customer Loyalty from the Inside Out will provide you with loads of examples to teach you how to build positive relationships with your customers and co-workers. It is a collection of articles, tips and stories I have been sharing through my seminars, keynote presentations, media interviews, and online newsletters for more than fifteen years.

Loyalty-focused organizations consistently outperform their competition. There is no sense acquiring new customers if you are only replacing those customers who have left. In addition to bringing in new business, it's important to turn your existing customers into loyal customers. Thesecustomers will become cheer-leaders who will purchase more products or services--and refer new customers.

As you are reading this book, keep in mind two of the most important aspects of building customer loyalty:

  1. It is essential to deliver exceptional service within your organization first.
  2. Exceptional customer service starts with a smile!

This book is meant to be used actively. Get together with your team and use these ideas to stimulate discussions on how you can improve service in your department or organization. When you take ownership of service, you will increase your professional credibility and play an active role in the success of your business.

Debra J. Schmidt

Debra Schmidt continues to inspire and challenge our thought on what it means to be a customer-focused organization. A wonderful reference guide for every organization interested in continual improvement and business success.

Robert S. Crookston
CHMM Vice President
Microbac Laboratories, Inc.

The staff and clients of EWH have found Deb Schmidt's customer service seminars and books enlightening and inspirational. If you own a business, Deb Schmidt can guide you on developing an exceptional customer service program that will benefit your company internally and externally. We are loyal followers of Deb's newsletters and books!

Edward W. Hastreiter
EWH Small Business Accounting S.C.

The Introduction had me hooked! A fantastic read for everyone regardless of your business. Building Customer Loyalty from the Inside Out is filled with great ways to relate to your customers and build those trusting relationships. This book is filled with great tips from the inside out which is a great reminder for all of us in the workplace. Buy this book for your team and see the difference!

Noelle Corbo
United States Attorney's Office
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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