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How to Deliver Exceptional Internal Customer Service

How to Deliver Exceptional Internal Customer Service

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Webinars come with a full video and workbook for you and your team to follow along with Deb. Program length: approx. 60 minutes. 

All recorded Webinars are instant downloads so you can begin your next training right away. 


You may think you don’t need customer service training because you do not directly deal with external customers. Think again! Your customer is anyone who benefits from the work you do—or, conversely, suffers when your work is done poorly or not at all. Your work is part of a customer-supplier chain. It is not an isolated activity.

Consider what happens to your ability to do a great job when the following occurs:

  • You are missing Important information
  • Or deadlines are missed? Or you’re put on hold by another department?
  • Or there is no follow-through on a project? You are a customer when you get material, information, or services from others in your organization or from an outside vendor.
You are a service provider when you provide material, information or services to others within your organization or to external customers. Most employees have more internal customers than external ones. Customer loyalty starts within the organization. When you recognize that your co-workers are your primary customers, you can improve every employee’s ability to deliver outstanding service to external customers.

You'll learn:
  • How co-workers read body language
  • The power of your tone of voice
  • 6 common actions that create barriers between work teams
  • How to adapt the way you communicate with co-workers
  • How to recognize how your co-workers perceive you
  • 4 quick and easy tips for building rapport with your co-workers
  • How to establish your “personal signature”
  • 8 ways to be more positive at work
  • How to get your co-workers on your side

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