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Don't Settle for Satisfied! Build Customer LOYALTY

Don't Settle for Satisfied! Build Customer LOYALTY

  • $199.00

Webinars come with a full video and workbook for you and your team to follow along with Deb. Program length: approx. 60 minutes. 

All recorded Webinars are instant downloads so you can begin your next training right away. Or, you can order the CD to build your training library.


"This Webinar should be required training for every employee who interacts with customers. It is the essential foundation of skills for the delivery of customer service excellence!"  HR Director - CNH, Inc.

Customer loyalty is the responsibility of every employee within your organization. It is earned by building positive relationships, one customer, and employee at a time. Loyalty-focused companies outperform their competitors each and every time. Loyal customers are more pleasant; they purchase more products, refer new customers and are more forgiving when problems occur.  

Debra Schmidt will teach you how to build customer loyalty through a combination of powerful facts, entertaining stories, and interactive exercises. She will help you identify customer expectations and teach you how to surprise and delight your customers with exceptional service.

In just 60 minutes, you will learn:

  • The characteristic that separates mediocre service from exceptional service
  • 6 reasons customers leave and how to manage them
  • Why satisfied customers are not enough
  • Co-workers, the forgotten customers
  • Your role in the customer service experience
  • Onstage and backstage service
  • How to avoid committing the 7 deadly sins of customer service
  • Engaging customers: 5 easy keys to building customer loyalty
  • Following the 10-10 rule to build relationships
  • Barriers to building customer loyalty
  • How to add a personal signature of excellence to your customer interactions
  • How to become a Loyalty Leader for your organization

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